Mr Jobless

Yeah, thats what i have become in the past few days. Its thursday already and I don’t remember doing anything productive this week. Am not used to working like this! The last few months have been sooo hectic that this limbo feels unusual if not strange! Been going out for breaks with people I don’t even know well enough.

Planning to take dad with me to Bombay for finalising my stay etc. I am all grown up and all but its good to have your parents around when making important decisions. They notice stuff you wouldn’t even think of..

Didn’t realise I was so popular in office! Since the time word has gotten out that I am quitting people have been mailing and messaging me almost non stop! Feels nice.. 🙂

Today is Ethnic Day !! The girls are all decked up. Some look absolutely H-O-T and then again there are some I’d rather not speak about..

The other person is in a dilemma about weather to leave or not. I think it will eventually boil down to emotions.. Putting in any sense will not help.. Sigh! Love does do strange things to people

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