Mumbai Attacks over, what now?

Over the last few days, quite a few of you have thanked me for all my tweeting and the constant updates about the twitter blasts. Some of you have also unfollowed me, which is fine. However, most of you have asked one resonating question: WHAT NEXT?

We can do only so much with candlelight vigils, sending out chain emails, meeting at places and creating FaceBook events (Trust me, I have done all of that). The time to act is NOW and decisively, at that.

I am pleased to announce that we will be in a position to announce an initiative by tomorrow, latest.. Something that will actually help. 🙂

Stay glued.

I have also stopped following the #mumbai hashtag as I now see a lot of unwarranted comments on there.


  1. Dude,

    Include me!
    I too feel marathons, candle light walks and blogs dont serve the purpose. Lets all get united and fight against terrorism.

  2. Came here frm twitter. What we need to do next is bring about political reform to break the cartels in the Indian political arena, so that we can have capable leaders making decisions. Otherwise, we will continue to crib about politicians at every coffee table after every terror attack and vote for the same politicians in every election.

  3. You have said what I am meaning for sometime now. So what are the sugestions. How can the ppl who are not in India help?

  4. Hi Ashfaq,

    I agree. Most of our politicians have become insensitive to people’s plights. Such incidents in big cities are apparently acceptable to them. So, peace marches or candle vigils won’t do nothing to move them.

    Look at the people we have to elect to rule the largest democracy of the world:
    How many of these candidates are educated, let alone professionals?
    How many have a clean criminal background?
    How many are actually respected by people for having actually made a difference?
    Most importantly, how many of these really want to serve the country?
    There are good ones too, but very few…

    There could be 2 concrete solutions to this:
    1. Respected individuals of the country (who are the answer to my above questions), volunteer or be encouraged by people to contest elections, which are coming soon.
    (I’m hinting at people like Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthy for starters)Probably through a new party. The existing parties can’t work together in a crisis like this – how can these unite the country?
    2. Laws to disqualify individuals with proven criminal backgrounds from standing for elections and aggressive media coverage of candidate’s backgrounds. Basic education mandatory.

    It’s time for action.

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