My Internet Revolution

Right now, am feeling a bit strange.. not cuz am not well or anything.. its just about the internet revolution that i am suddenly faced with at home. For as long as i can remember, to me the internet has always posed some kind of restriction over its usage..


When we started off back in the good ol days of dialup, i used to go to cyber-cafe’s and cough up 50 bucks an hour !! those were the days of not knowing what you were doing on the comp but still getting a feeling of satisfaction from it.. hehe. This avenue soon dried out as it became increasingly expensive to keep going to the cyber cafe time and again. Thats when the computer came in at home.. we were allowed only 15mins each on the net by dad.. tht too was crowded by everyone u could think of as they all wanted to know what this new thing was on the computer.. things got better over a period of time as the ppl who didnt understand gradually weaned away.. As things got more lax at home, we started using the internet for all kinds of chores.. By now i was spending close to an hour on the net everyday (inspite of being allowed only half hour STRICTLY on the net !!) Thats when the ‘internet cafe’ boom happened in Bangalore and it suddenly became cheaper to visit one for your internet needs than to use the net at home !! By now i was paying Rs. 10 for an hour of internet access !! After around a year came broadband at home and that was a major relief.. for the first time i got access to fast bandwidth at home. But that too came at a price.. I could only use 1GB of it in a month else the monthly charges would go up exponentially !!


This month, i upgraded to unlimited broadband.. for the 1st time now do i have access to fast internet which has no restrictions over it.. i have already completed 2.72GB !! May the good times continue .

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