My New Year Resolutions for 2009

I am an optimistic person when it comes to New Year resolutions. Surprisingly, I do tend to keep most of them too… I truly want to make a difference to my life this year and I really want 2009 to be different.

Here are my 10 resolutions that I plan to keep:

The Blog: It’s gone on for too long now. I REALLY need to move over to WordPress (WP). I love you Blogger but if I have to have functionality and a blog design that I truly like – without making compromises, WP is the way to go.

Get back in shape: I had a six pack only 3 years ago… what happened all of a sudden? Get back in shape… like seriously. Go to gym, RELIGIOUSLY. And before you ask, No! I have not been inspired by any of the Khans.

Write Regularly: To take this blog to bigger scene I need to write more often and make more insightful posts. That means more research and more time reading stuff on Social Media, whilst keeping the pagalpan going. I like doing it… it’s time to make I take it to the next level.

Stop Procrastinating: There are times when I have just not done things… let them pass and not made an effort to put in my bestest best. This attitude shall pass. I want 2009 to be the best year of my life and that means ‘lazy’ goes out of the window.

Stop being Uncle Scrooge: Yes… you know this one… I judge people all the time. I want to give them a chance this time. I want to be more forgiving and accept people for what they are.

Work Harder: That’s right. I love my job – I say this after being in Pinstorm for four months and I truly love it here – now make it count. Be impressive and not mediocre. Make suggestions, start things, see them through and K.O.

Super Secret Project: Get down to executing that Super Secret Project that I have been sleep walking on… it’s been in the pipeline for too long. I have spoken to the stakeholders, made mental notes of the meetings, the timings, the people involved, venue, everything. GET THE BALL ROLLING!

Get a Life: Stop brooding over things, stop being a potato and get out there. Accept every party invite you get. Go out there and meet new people. Find the love of your life… and this time, find someone who will love you back. About time… sheesh! L

Write Poetry: So I was cocky when I was 16 and when I was 17, 18… Not to mention 19 and 20… Thought I could write poetry whenever I wanted. Lost a 300 page book full of original poems too… Now is the time to re-make it. Write a poem, not because it’s cool but because it was always fun to!

Re-learn Marathi: So I un-learnt Marathi and learnt Kannada when I shifted to Bangalore. Time to re-learn what I forgot, eh?

So there… here is wishing you a very happy new year Mr. Asfaq Tapia. May this year be the bestest year of your life 🙂


  1. Thanks Asfaq for making your 2009 goals public! Thats very brave of you.

    For # 3 – may I recommend starting a group blog? Personal blogs never last long unless you’re very very disciplined. We’re talking military discipline here.

    And group blogs won’t diminish your personal authority either – if you do it the right way.

    Just a though.

    Best of luck with them goals.

    Let me know if I can be of help.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Ankesh! I really want to do this for myself, this time. Having said that, will take you up on your offer to help soon 🙂 and thanks for the wishes.

    Happy new year to you too!

  3. The Blog: It’s gone on for too long now. I REALLY need to move over to WordPress (WP). I love you Blogger but if I have to have functionality and a blog design that I truly like – without making compromises, WP is the way to go.

    Hello Asfaq,

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R 2 0 0 9 !

    I read your above new year resolution.

    I am having unlimited webspace + unlimited databse + unlimited email ids+ unlimited sub domain . I can convert your blog into wordpress in a minute . You need to do NS change your domain to my hosting service. Since I have everything , you are required to spend nothing.

    You are such a gentleman with control over knwldgebase on OnlinePR . I have been greatly obliged to you in past .
    Can I get oppertunity to do that ?

    Just use my resourcess , if you are serious . I shall do it for you.

    Wishing you new year again!

  4. Keep us posted on the progress buddy!

    Regards, Sameer

    PS: I liked the “Get a life” resolution the most!

  5. Asfaq, u took time to write blog and make know what ,after seeing ur resolutions ,i remembered that we make resolutions on new year…happy new year…

  6. Arre, wah wah wah wah wah! Poetry and all that – shabash mere lal! Now likho already!

  7. find someone to love you back is interesting. wondering if you still haven’t found her as yet ! 😛

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