New Beginning

Alright, so since this is a new beginning, I am moving to a new blogging address on the net too! Too pissed with microsoft’s hedgemony to curtail functionality on their Live Spaces. On that note, am moving over to this new place! Registered this like 2.5yrs ago (yes, am paranoid about identity theft) but never really used it, I guess now is the right time to embrace the Google OpenId system and integrate all my Google services into one id.

Now that I look back at the resignation drama, i find it all pretty dramatic. Dont think the Process Director speaks to everyone that resigns 🙂 so yeah, that feels good !!

Didn’t do anything in office yesterday! I mean absolutely nothing.. I was not given any work at all 😀 So what I started off was to make transitional documents so that others would not suffer when am not around. Documenting NHT proccesses, data owners and training flows. Am sure this should help Kavita and other trainers later on. I am going to do some really radical stuff when I leave. Will host my PFC online 😉 Along with all the other people’s PFC’s. That should really help everyone!

Am totally loving this phase right now 🙂

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