New Year Resolutions — 2013

We are in the middle of January today and the euphoria and hype surrounding the New Year is over. I have taken 2 weeks to contemplate how I want this year to turn up for me. I want it to be about personal improvement. So on that note, here are my resolutions for 2013:

New Year Resolutions for 2013

DO — I want this to be the umbrella idea this year. Less ‘thinking’ of things and more ‘doing’ of things. My tagline for the year is #GyaanKamDhandaZyaada.

4 specific tasks for this year:

  • Learn to dance – I am an awkward penguin on the dance floor and 4-5 standard dance moves learnt to perfection won’t hurt 🙂
  • Get a tattoo – I have been wanting to get one since last year. I know what the design will be and I know where I want it. Just need to go get it.
  • Become fitter – I have already started on this one. Feel and sleep much better too. Have to keep the momentum going daily.
  • Learn to swim – I can just about swim freestyle to save my life but I really want to learn the dead man’s float and the butterfly stroke, etc. Time to learn that this year. This will be the toughest of them all, methinks.

Here are the resolutions I made public in 2010 and 2009. Some I kept, some I didn’t. Didn’t have any resolutions in 2011. Last year was very private and introspective, with a lot of small personal milestones met.

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