New Yrs coming!

I was reading my blog posts the other day and couldnt help noticing that quite a few posts are about ‘work’ !! ouch! This actually gets me thinking you know.. am i really a workaholic? i have 30 days of leaves pending (after leave encashment), no sick leaves in the last 2.6 yrs, no unauthorised absence, nothing… a pretty much unblemished record… have had a promotion almost every yr !! Too bad this yr wont be the same.. but having said that, being a trainer is FUN!


Now that we have established that i AM a workaholick, lets get to more important things… The hunt has begun for a better phone and i need something with wifi and a full blown html browser. I could wait another month cuz there will be quite a few Series 60 and UIQ phones from Nokia and SE out in the market for the new yrs.. lessie, in the meantime, if i get my hands on the p990 for around 18k odd, i’ll take it!


There is a certain someone that has caught my attention.. lets see how things progress..

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