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Today has ended on a very strange note. I feel sad AND I feel happy. I feel glad that I have been able to watch three movies and quite a few documentaries in the last few days but I feel bad about other reasons. I know my place and i know that it is not right to feel bad but then anyways, let us not dwell over that.

The storyboard meeting went off well and I am glad that a few of my ideas were selected. Need to search for more tomorrow. I have also taken up the CD/DVD contents this month, so I need to finish that too by the end of next month. Apart from that, I need to get a few things done at home and do some shopping too… I need some new clothes and shoes.

Will be buying the phone day after tomorrow and i just cannot seem to contain my excitement. It will be fun to finally own a smart phone again. Thank god! Though SE was good enough, it never really allowed me to do the things that I wanted to experiment with and the applications for the phone were horrid. Apart from that though, the phone is amazing! Its camera is the best in the business and its music playback capabilities (of the time) are still better than the phones right now! Oh, in case I didn’t mention it, am buying the n73ME 😀 Yeah baby!

Cya soon!

– Asfaq.

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