Of Flower Childern and RSS Users

When in Bangalore, I’ve had the good fortune of travelling early in the morning – be it to school (for those horrible Kannada tuitions), to college (which started at 7:30), cricket practice or swimming. In all those moments, I’ve watched with much fascination morning walkers who had plastic bags in their hand filled with freshly plucked flowers. They would go to each house or stop at every flowering bush on their way and pluck the choicest flowers as if it was their sole aim in life. I always wondered why they did that… What good is a flower when EVERYONE can’t appreciate its beauty, when it withers in a few hours. I couldn’t get it. I thought it was maybe used for morning puja and I thought that this was one peculiarity native only to Bangalore and its inhabitants. I go to walk in the park in the morning these days (yeah, freaky eh!) and on one day, I chanced upon this old lady who had a plastic bag in her hand and was moving from bush to bush! What a pleasant surprise! I was watching her from afar with a smile across my face thinking people never change… no matter where they go! 🙂

I was looking at my RSS feed stats in FeedBurner yesterday and I was surprised! I didn’t know I write to a tech-savvy audience! Heck, I didn’t think anyone was actually reading this shit! But there you had it… 5 people subscribing to my blog!!! Delving closer revealed that I had 2 Google Reader users, 1 using a macbook and 2 using Windows Mobile 5. Sweet. I also get 20 hits per day on the blog, which is cool, considering that I haven’t indexed it with Google yet 🙂

I got Tare Zameen Pe yesterday and though I’ve watched it already, am gonna watch it again tonight 🙂

I don’t even know where I’ll be going on the 31st. I hope its wid Hu in Pune or wid Ku. Any other alternative will be boring. Let’s see how things unfold today.

Adios amigos.

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