Project GoldenEye


 It is a wondrous thing to look at the world thru another’s eyes! Over the last 2 months, some of you might have noticed that you get repeated Twitter Following notifications from me in your inbox. I have been secretly conducting a project of my own.

When I find someone interesting on Twitter, I want to know what makes them so interesting. I want to know what influences them and whom they engage with. While this can be creepy to some, in a way, I find the idea fascinating. Imagine getting influenced by the same thoughts and ideas. Now, you can.

Project GoldenEye — I started this 2 months ago. From the people I followed, I chose one person whom I found most interesting. Let’s call that person ‘John Tapia’. Then, I went out and unfollowed everyone on Twitter and followed everyone that John Tapia was following. We followed some people in common, but a vast majority of them were total strangers and yet their ideas and thoughts were refreshing and new. I related to them.

The next month, I followed another John Tapia and it immediately became apparent that he was fond of Indie music. I am not. However, I stuck at it. Now, I can name quite a few Indie bands myself and while I still don’t love the style of music I don’t completely abhor it anymore.

This month, am following another John Tapia and he is into startups and progressive culture (whatever that means). Once again I am absolutely loving the content on the timeline. Some of the people he follows overlap with the people I know, but the overwhelming majority of them are new. The conversations so far have been good.

It is a wondrous thing to look at the world thru another’s eyes!

Update 1: @freegeek also mentions there is an app that lets you do exactly this: ShadowMe. Here is the Mashable review for the same. Way cool!

Update 2: I don’t go out and unfollow/follow people every month anymore. I use the Column setting in Tweetbot for that. Infinitely better. You could also try Twitter’s Custom Timelines feature


  1. haha… interesting! i got a “follow” notification a few weeks ago, was wondering when you unfollowed me… i now know why 😀

    ps: also waiting to hear more specific learnings… maybe in person 🙂

  2. I am sure you are using something cool already to follow people.

    If not you can use and use copy followers feature to get things done 😉

  3. Siddharth: I did try it, but it does not allow me to select all my friends at once and unfollow. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to copy the friend’s of the other person. Maybe am just stupid. Will try harder next time.

    Ankur: Wish u hadn’t revealed it on Twitter. But I can live with it, so no harm done 😀

  4. Chill Asfaq, I’m alright with this buddy! We should catch up soon, would be fascinating to know more about this experiment.

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