Quick and Easy Way to Get a Purchase Discount

Everyone makes online purchases these days. There are many websites that give you ‘hot deals’ and discounts, and my only gripe with them is that once they have your email id, it is sold to everyone in Eden!

Who doesn’t love a good deal! In the last 2 months, before I buy anything online, I have been looking for promo codes of those brands on Twitter. It is the best way for me to find an awesome discount!

Just go to search.twitter.com and enter the below search-string to find the promo codes for bands you want to make purchases for:

“promo code” +<your brand_name> near:”<your city, country>” within:15mi

If you want to look at all the promo codes in your city, use this search string:

“promo code” near:”<your city, country>” within:15mi

Tip: There are too many tweets about Uber promo codes from London, so I use the <-Uber> variable to remove any promo code tweets with Uber in it. This is what it looks like:

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