Ran out of space in Gmail, uh oh!

Also, I just deleted 4900 emails from my inbox (basically social networking notification emails from twitter, facebook, orkut etc). Now says "You are currently using 7021 MB (95%) of your 7377 MB". Damn.


  1. Bingo! I did the same this weekend. Gmail was full. Deleted some 4 GB of my inbox. Now its 39% occupied. Phew!

  2. Bala: I use gmail as my nerve centre. All email from everywhere comes into this one account. Gmail would happily bump my inbox size when I ran out of space. I thought it would happen again this time, looks like the party has ended, for now.Arjun: Me neither. Especially when I first started off on gmail. I thought my email life was sorted. lol

  3. Use Yahoo mail. It offers infinite space for all people who are fan of certain HD videos. Y!Mail is the nerve center of my world. Even my gmails get forwarded to it ! 🙂

  4. That’s what google said 4 years ago.. infinite inbox space.. am not falling for that trick twice 🙂

  5. Why not set Gmail to forward all incoming mails to a Yahoo account with infinite space. OR if you do not like yahoo then create a filter in Gmail to forward particular emails to different Gmail accounts.

  6. Nah.. i like to have access to ALL my mail in one place. I know its weird but its something I just prefer.. my yahoo account is so old and I get so much spam on it, its not funny!

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