Random munching

It’s been a while… I agree. So what’s new you ask? Well loads. My aunt’s birthday bash went off well and the family reunion was OK. Met with Kunal and Shruti over the weekend and they were a blast as usual. (Find pictures on my Picasa Web space.)

These days, I’ve been spending most of my time looking for software for the Jan issue of Digit. Now, this is no mean feat considering that Dec was a special issue and had 40 GB of DVD content. Add to it the fact that you can’t repeat any software given in the past 6 months (except when the update is a revolutionary change as opposed to an evolutionary change) and you know that this will not be easy.

After hunting through the zillion odd sites, I finally managed to find 9 GB worth of content to put on the DVD and CDs! Phew! Am glad that at least we don’t take shortcuts like the other mags out there! 😀

Went to my aunt’s place in Marol last evening. Took some fried rice along but the fricking thing was spoilt (60 bucks down the drain). It was nice to meet her after so long.

Waiting for the weekend now. On sat, am hoping to meet Trups in Pune, and so am looking forward to the ride and the day. Will be out with Shru and Ku (hopefully) on Sunday.

That’s all for today folks!

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