Recent Musings

Ok so DA v5 released recently… i really have a soft corner for that place, i’ve been visiting it since like i started off on the net !! The new design looks very cool but to be honest takes you away from the art that’s displayed on the site.. the header/footer, make the site look corporate and it doesnt look like a personal website having a huge fan following anymore (like it was back in the old days). I think deviantart have made a pretty big mistake by launching this site without doing a cross browser QC.. i mean, the navigation system jus wont work on opera’s presto engine.. that more or less makes the whole site useless on opera..


Closer to home, things have been pretty good.. i’ve finally managed time to stay in touch with a lot of friends and thats a gud thing, the bike has become DIRTY !!! Need to give it for servicing tomorrow i think.. lets see.. A new batch will start on the 28th of this month so it will be busy days again, the bad part about is that i might have to train in the night.. i hate training anyone in the nite.. its the worst time to conduct any sort of training !!!


The scheming and plotting has begun against a certain someone at work.. lets see where this leads to.. things are finally getting interesing at work.. The next few days will be a lot of fun.. hahahaha


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