Rice Bowl

Had a superb time today.. met up wid the Maya gang and boy it was absolute fun !! Its been

so long and that makes it all the more sweeter Trups and Saumya being fun as usual,

Vicks being his stud self, Varun.. goofy as ever, Kg, i wish i were working with you man

(now dont go on the ‘working’ trip again people).. hehe.. Chakri, dude seriously.. i still cant believe you went to Goa and didnt see the night life


Ate prawns today after very long (i must confess, i got very tempted yesterday) and had

chinese.. Rice Bowl has changed so much !!! I passed by the hotel twice before i realised it

was there !! Meetin another friend tom.. will be a very busy and fun weekend.. Yay..

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