Scheduled Saturday

So its Saturday today and am looking forward to it.. Meetin Sav-man today, J-man could not make it so he is outta da picture. We’ll be in KFC !! Zinger burgers and KFC bucket, here i come baby !!

Might meetup wid Z today, we might go for a long ride to nandi hills or something. Its been so long since I went out on one of those, gotta get those rider juices flowing again!

Mailed Samir yesterday. Hope he turns out to be a decent chap. Don’t wanna be holed up wid some nutcase.

Called mamu yesterday and was delighted to speak to him. Wonder how someone can be so supportive all the time without asking for anything in return.. am in awe of him.

Been spending money like crazy in the last few days. Must have easily blown up 200 bucks in this week just on eating rubbish! Need to tighten the belt on these unnecessary expenses cuz i will have to go without a salary in April and all the relocation expenses will cost a bomb. Its all about planning and foresight baby.

Having said that, am meeting Sheebs tom.. plan is still tentative but lets hope it clicks thru. So many people to meet before you go.. gosh.

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