Some Web site tweaks.

Ok, so I finished tweaking my site.. there is still some more tweaking to do which I shall complete. I disliked the white backbround and I have always believed that the black on white colour scheme is horrible for your eyes when on the computer. It may be good for the print media but its just not the same when pixilated. That explains my light grey on matte black layout. Why the orange? Cuz its my fav colour along with light blue. So there :p

The layout is still not completely perfect, I want the posts to be extensible and adjust the width based on different computer screen sizes and take up the entire horizontal area. I also want to add links of all my profiles on social networking sites but am not getting the correct idea… Will have to look into it later.

Time to call my source. I hope the replies are ready so that I don’t get my head chopped off today.

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