Starbucks launches in Bombay

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I went to the new Starbucks coffee that opened in Bombay recently. Personally, I didn’t really love the experience. I thought that while the prices were decent, the coffee there was average.

Also, it seemed to me like Starbucks was a little under-prepared in opening the store. The place is huge but they don’t have enough staff to support on influx of people. As soon as you enter the place, you are made to stand in a (sometimes very) long line to buy the coffee. Then, you wait again for the coffee to be made and handed to you.

We were seated on the top floor and to our chagrin, the AC stops working. I don’t think I needed that, especially after waiting in line for half hour to get my coffee.

Thankfully, the company I had was grand.


  1. finally, a starbucks in India.. I came across your blog accidentally, (typed the wrong url of someone else). I like the simple design of your blog 🙂

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