Sublime Sunday

Yesterday was fun.. no doubt about it! Met wid Sheebs! It felt soo nice to talk to her again! Tht girl has so much spunk, she is great to hang out wid! Koshy’s was grand as usual, though i missed their stained table cloth (they finally bought new table cloth after a decade i think!).

Met with K in the evening, that boy has become skinny as ever. He doesn’t seem to like the idea of me moving to Bombay somehow, feels that i will be wasting my 2.5yrs of experience! But i need to do this.. for my sanity. This is like a dream come true.. I live and breathe technology and to work for D Company will be like attaining nirvana. Also, I’ve always had this urge to write and this seems the right thing to do!

Spoke to Sav-man in the night, I need to make a closure… thnx for the good advice 🙂

On a different note.. i STILL need a good phone! There is nothing yet out there in the market that interests me like the k750 did a yr ago. I need a phone that is slim, has wifi, a 2mp cam and a full blown html browser.. Tht reminds me, I need a new mobile connection too.. something that allows me to make local mobile calls at .30p and national mobile calls at 1re from Bombay. Need to decide on that one once I reach Bombay.

The new Opera 8732 build sucks IMHO. It has this silly feature called Speed Dial. I cant even turn off its functionality! Moreover, I cant seem to find my ‘Start Bar’ anymore! I had all my bookmarks stored over there!! Need to do some RnD on that in office today 🙂

Another week begins and I now have 10 days left in C Company. Feels nice to take on the countdown. Its been a LOT of learning and I’ll never forget the place 🙂 I started off as a naieve kid just out of college wanting to earn a quick buck and along the way learnt the ways of the world…

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