Never Make Your Customer Feel Like a Fool

It is high time businesses realise that their consumers are not dumb. With Facebook, Twitter and the emergence of the global real-time thought consciousness, it is wiser as a business to be honest, forthright and upfront about your business than before.

It is better to be praised and generate goodwill – which will help in the long run, than bait & switch your customers.


I wish had been more honest about not having active operations in India just yet. I wish they had requested me for my info, so they could inform me when they started, here in India – I would have given them my info, like I have done so many times before with other companies.

Alas, they did none of that. All i got was the classic bait and switch. I wont be shopping with them anymore.

They may have gained my contact info, but they have lost a customer.

Never make your customer feel like a fool.

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