4 Easy Steps to Gain Confidence

Me Gusta!While I have written about how to get things done and how to stay focused in the past, I have never really written about confidence.

While this post won’t win any awards for originality, I am writing it because from time to time, we forget to do the simple things. We are told un-actionable things like “just be confident” or “believe in yourself”. That’s like telling a racing driver to drive.

Therefore, here are 4 things to help gain confidence:

1 – Stop Giving A Shit About What Other People Think
Read Matthew Kimberley’s excellent book, How To Get A Grip. It really hammered this point home for me.

2 – Stop Criticizing Yourself
Every time you catch yourself criticizing yourself, just tell yourself you’re not going to do that any more.

3 – Pat Yourself On The Back
Whenever you finish an important task in the day, take 5 seconds to say to yourself, “Well done, you’ve done a good job“.

4 – Lean Into Your Discomfort
What we resist, persists. Better to tackle it now, than let it grow into a monster later.

Have some more tips? Let me know in the comments!

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