Tangled Thoughts

Going from having your hands-full-with-work to being jobless can be quite a contrast. One day you are wishing you had nothing to do and the very next day you end up regretting that wish.

Quite a lot of good has come out of the last few days. I met up with Shruthi yesterday and she has become less talkative but fun nevertheless. We ate in some hotel and discussed about the answer to life, the universe and everything (yes, I know… horrible attempt at being wise). Later on, I met up with Monty who hasn’t changed one bit in these months. Still keeps talking loudly like a motor-mouth. Still is the only one laughing at those bad jokes!

Its rained today and my quilt is out again… this feels sooo good. Gonna meet a few more people today and then some more on Sunday. The bad part about it is that I will have to traverse the dug-up roads – something that I am not exactly looking forward to.

Sticking to the roads topic – Zulfi has been dropping too many hints that he wants a new bike. I can also see that he was not really happy with me getting a lot of attention at home. So I have decided to stay low. His time will come, I know it will… its just disappointing to see him act this way. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with his bike, but having said that, I may be wrong because I have used it only for a day. He will get a new bike soon, I just don’t understand why he has to be so pushy about it. Its not like the bike is a total wreck. But chuck it, the new bike shall come. I cant say ‘no’ to him for too long. So I guess that a lot of stuff that I had been planning for myself will take a back seat, but I can live with it. I just don’t want him to contend with the things that I have had to, but lets not go there again.

Nothing else to write about… I just hope that Zufs doesn’t read this before Monday.


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