The Click Summary of 5000 Organic Clicks in a Month

image I manage two small sized twitter accounts apart from my own personal one at @Asfaq – @E71 and @AndroidTalk. These accounts are used to bring out all the news on the Nokia E71 phone (which I own) and the Android OS.

I have been using to shorten hyperlinks of articles that I find interesting for a while now and the service has evolved into a very robust tool over time. The biggest advantage of using is that it provides analytics support for short URLs in a way that leaves competition far behind.

I was looking at a month’s data fro November 2009 from my account’s Click Summary and noticed some interesting stats and figures!


The figures above just show that twitter is a great platform to use if you want to spread info quickly and to a large number of people.


For me, it was interesting to see that most clicks don’t originate out of India. That could be attributed due to the fact that the Android and E71 accounts update mostly during the night in India and therefore visibility on those accounts is low in the region. Also, the Registered Applications column under Referrers Detail refers to the Seesmic and Tweetdeck twitter clients.

Its brilliant to see this kind of analytics support from a free tool like, lets hope the new year brings more goodies along the way!

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  1. Not really.. because the content that is seeded from the E71 and AndroidTalk accounts is primarily targeted at the US / UK markets. Also, the websites that write this news are based in European/US timezones, which makes the content appear more prominently for those countries.

    I dont think we should consider bounce rate – the twitter accounts were created as news aggregation tools that have links that lead people out of the account everytime. The bounce rate will have o be 100% for every visitor that comes to the page.

  2. If not bounce rate what would be a interesting thing to analyse is the time spent on these links. There have been times when the articles are trashy / irrelevant and thus time spent is very low

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