The Dilli-land Trip

This is going to be another blog post written on a plane. I’m on my way to Mumbai from Delhi and can’t wait to get reach. Before takeoff, the pilot, Capt. Ranveer Singh told us that we would encounter some turbulence on the way. I like turbulence. There is no fun in flying when the ride is smooth, everyone is quiet or asleep. I am a restless person by nature, and though I may be lazy to do things, I can’t sit still with a seat belt strapped on and turbulence is the just my way of having fun on the ride.

This Delhi trip has been awesome fun. I have done so many things that I would not have otherwise done! Had ‘machine ka paani’, which is the Delhi version of roadside nimbu paani, acted in an ‘webmercial’ for 7UP’s Bheja Fry campaign, did another still shoot for the same too! Apart from all that the daily interactions with the autowallah’s were fun. I also did some white water rafting which was a total lifetime experience completely worth doing again.

The guys in the Delhi office are totally fundoo.. Props go out to Rajat, Nidhi, Amita, Akhil, Tuli, and Rajeshji. The biggest props however are reserved for Yashi.. Thanks a ton for hosting me at your place for so long dude… You totally rule. Just ping me when you come to Bombay.

Nothing else to write about… Cya on the other side of the rainbow – in Mumbai!

– me.

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