The Fitness Fallacy

I don’t get it. So many people these days are running marathons and really long distances. They say its “fitness”. Let me try and break this to you slowly – its doing you more harm than good.

Besides, what’s the point of running a marathon? I find sprinting to be more fun.

I was also seeing photographs from a cycling meet a day or two ago and couldnt help but notice that even the folks who looked like regulars (you know, the ones appearing in too many photos with too many people) did not have muscle toning. Hmmm…

A lot of folks I know have gone and bought themselves cycles in order to lose fat. However, they are buying cycles like Firefox, Schwinn, etc. These cycles are super light-weight. The amount of resistance they will offer will probably be far lesser than an average and cheaper cycle. People confuse how intensive the cycling has been with how much distance they have travelled.

That said, if you are just a couch-surfer of fitness articles, anything you do will be better than just sitting here with mouse in hand.


  1. agree about the light cycles. but muscle toning isn’t the only objective of cycling/running. regular calorie burn primes the body, improves lung capacity and immunity, raises BMR and generally makes you healthier 🙂

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