The Phoney Story! – Part 2

You know what they say about God and ‘chappar phad ke dena’ and I guess it was my turn yesterday. I wrote about how sad the N73 had turned out to be and how I was going to do a firmware upgrade to fix all of that. The good part about the it was that I finally got around to doing it yesterday. The bad part? It bricked my phone. Can u believe it? The update stalled after 19% and wouldn’t budge even after 2 hours. Why did I keep it on for that long? The window mentioned in red that I shouldn’t unplug the wire under ANY circumstances. After hours of staring at the same window, I became bold enough to accept that the warning was completely baseless and nothing would go wrong and proceeded to unplug the cable, wondering what went wrong. If I had the power of hindsight, I’d never have done that cuz now, the phone was completely bricked.

Left office in the afternoon to get it fixed and bought back my k750i from the person I had sold it to (insert mass hysteria here). The Nokia Service Centre lady told me it may take from one to eight days to get the phone fixed. She also more or less told me not to call em up asking for the phone and that they will call me when its done.

Got back home, only to realise that not all the contacts were backed up from my N73. So now, I’ve been asking for people’s contact numbers individually. Since I’ve started using the k750i, I’m re-experiencing the joy of using a SE. The phone is responsive, works well and syncs beautifully with the computer using MyPhoneExplorer. What’s more is that I imported my entire Google Calender into the phone without a hitch! Just brilliant!

Spoke to bro after really long. Was surprised that he called after so long! But its always nice to speak to him. I guess I was in the ‘be rude’ mode and pissed him a tad too much.

Netra invited me to the IndiBlogger’s meet on Sunday and I hate to admit it but I might not be able to go there. We have a family outing but IF and just IF it gets conked, I’ll be there.. for sure.. especially after the VERY engaging conversation with Melody 🙂

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