The pondicherry trip and software

hiya ppl.. wow.. where to start.. this week has started on a very refreshing note.. back from pondicherry.. it was really fun.. beach, sun and fun.. what more can u ask for. The highlight of the trip was the food.. it was very yummy.. sea food all the way, even for breakfast !! (yeah, we are crazy).Will upload all those snaps rite now.


 Jus downloaded the Fort Minor underground album of LP.. its pretty gud.. got the ‘believe me’ and ‘pertrified’ video too.. yippie.


Got myself the Nero 7 Ultra Edition Suite.. will update you  guys on how the software is.. really wanna use it to rip all those movies i have on DVD


Browser Wars : Part 1

You know, there has been a major war running in my head, trying to figure which is the best browser for me.. So what i did was to download the stable versions of netscape, opera and firefox. Am using all of them rite now and i must say that i liked opera and netscape better than firefox and ie. Will keep u updated on my experience over the days. I dont wanna include IE7 beta in this edition as it is a new generation browser but its still in beta. I’m also not gonna compare other browsers as most of them use the IE engine (AOL browser) or are just an enhanced GUI update of IE (neoplanet).

Wish me luck ppl !!

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