The week so far

Its been a nice last few days !! My phone joystick wasnt working very well, so went to service it in the SE Service Centre in Rajajinagar. The lady at the counter told me it’d take 2 hours to do it and since i was absolutely vela, i said i’d stay there and see how they do it, to my surprise she agreed and let me into the workshop !! Tht was like a fantasy come true for me.. lol.. you should see all their flashing equipment.. amazing. It was delivered a half hour before promised in a fully working condition !! Amazing job. I returned the favour by filling in their feedback form with all the praises i could think of  


Went out with friends on sunday to have dinner in a dhaba on the outskirts of bangalore, this was after fighting for half hour over where to eat.. lol.. once we got there, we shifted tables twice cuz of mosquitoes.. it seemed like they were also there for the food.. 🙂 Ate like pigs and returned home quite late..



Dilip with his goofy look !!!

Kiran, looking all sober !!! LOL

Posing for close-up?

Puneet !!! looking all studdy :)

Me, round and happy, aint i?


This week has started off on a very interesting note actually.. its been 4 months that i’ve worked in the nite shift and i planned to do it this week.. work timings between 7:30pm to 4:30am.. night out time in the office. The reason i did this is cuz my boss is on leave right now and all the managers leave office by 11pm max.. tht means i can goof off on work for like 5 hrs !!!  Brilliant scheme huh??


On hindsight, tht was not such a gr8 idea i guess.. am feeling the after effects of night shifts now when i have woken up at 12pm feeling all groggy eyed.. but i’ll get over this very soon 🙂

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