This weekends over.. yay! Also about cycling

Thank god! This weekend is finally over. The binging will finally end now! The truth is that after a week of paleo, when I have so many carbs, I feel like crapping after every meal (I know, TMI). Its as if my body is rejecting all that food in an instant.

Thank god this will not be the case for the next 5 days atleast.

I also took up cycling from Malad to Bandra twice a week. Its 25kms one way so I do a 100kms in a week. Its been fun so far. One week down, Another few to go!


  1. Hi I just finished redaing deap Nutrition and really liked learning about the different chemical and gentics that are involved in food. I am an 18 year old guy and have a belly and am afraid that i will look like my dad thats 250 pounds over weight. I dont know if you are familiar with Body for Life but for a while i did that program and found that i didnt loose my belly. I know how to work out and have that down its just the eating thats hard for me. What would you suggest for first steps?

  2. Hey! Sorry about the late reply. If you really want to reduce weight then you should up your protein intake and reduce the carbs in your diet. That really does work.

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