Thundering Tuesday

This blog has nothing really new to offer, honestly. Two things to prove utter stupidities of people. One is the news channels and how much time and air space they eat up for something so inane that you may as well want to watch a teleshopping show for half an hour. I was surfing channels yesterday and CNN IBN 4 had such a kickass story that my jaws still hurt they dropped so badly on the concrete floor.

There was a loooooonnnngish story about how host and singer Udit Narayan’s son Aditya Narayan got kissed by a female fan in the audience on his show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Aditya seemed completely flustered / embarrassed about what had happened. Ismail Darbar called him and the girl on the floor and asked the girl, ‘kya kiya tumne abhi upar?’ and the brazen maiden declared with much gusto, ‘maine usko propose kiya, aur kiss kiya!’ I don’t know what happened after that because I changed the channel. But, it was good publicity gimmick
for the channel. They discussed it like something of great national importance!

So there was much hooplah over the Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere kiss, but this was dealt with such a ‘awww! how cute’ kinda manner. I don’t have a problem with two young people kissing, but it’s not news for crying out loud!

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