Tomfoolery in action

Haven’t updated this space in sometime now.. sorry about that, i was just being super-efficient. Have finished writing everything for the July issue and at present, life is good.

Planning to go for a ride to Lonavla over the weekend, i really wanna get away from Bombay this time.. Lets hope for the best. The monsoons have begun (at least i think they have) and navi mumbai looks absolutely beautiful! The hills look green and from the smoking bay in the office, where you can see the hills, i see small rivulets forming. I think they will turn into waterfalls when we are bang in the middle of monsoon. The leaves on all the branches are bright green and it makes your ride to work pleasant and chirpy. Feels good. This in one of the main reasons i wanna ride to Lonavla, the beauty on the hills is too hard to resist. I plan to meet up with Praveen there.. he’ll be coming from Pune, so i guess we’ll meet at mid-point, which happens to be Lonavla.. heh. He says that the roads in Amby-Valley are some of the best in the country, so we shall traverse them.. just for kicks!

On the personal front, I got the computer (insert mass hysteria and jubilation here). The only problem is that I am not able to start it.. some settings on the motherboard are awry and i cant seem to get them fixed. Still working on em and hopefully everything should be fine very soon.

The msgs wid Kh are going on and have now elaborated to calling. We sometimes speak for close to 2-3 hours in total in a day.. each call lasting 15-20 mins max. It feels strange. Bizarre even. Sometimes a sense of Deja-vu creeps in but i ‘push it to the back of my head’ as she puts it. There is no plan, there is no thought.. just words that keep the both of us happy. Nothing less and definitely nothing more.

Wrote a little something today.. after ages i think.. thanks for the inspiration Kh.

Have you got the courage?
to deal with personal baggage.

Have you got the courage?
to embark a new voyage.

In life at this stage,
courage is something you must engage.

It must be clearly visible,
in every page.

I plan to come to bangalore soon too.. prolly around the end of the month over the weekend. Just keep your fingers crossed..

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