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I finally got Season 2 of the Wonder Years today 🙂 I was just lazing around 2 weeks ago when I remembered about the Wonder Years series and how much I loved watching it a few years ago. That’s when I promptly started downloading it. I thought it wouldn’t appeal to me, now that am all grown up and all but I was wrong! After watching the first 2 episodes of Season 1, i was hooked and went on to download the whole season. It took me a while to get season 2 and now that I have it, am already getting season 3 in the background, don’t we love technology! 😀

Ed quit on Tuesday. I’ll really miss the guy. It was great to work under someone who was so inspirational and such a workaholic. I think it inspired me to get more out of my time every single day! (And that, coming from someone like me is big!). I hope to stay in touch with the guy, just like I am in touch with so many people from AOL.

There might be a few changes in the CD/DVD process and am sure the readers will like it if the plan goes through. It’ll just mean more work for me though (nudge nudge, wink wink). Strangely, I’m not worried about that bit. I like doing the CD/DVD and I see as another skill to learn so there.

Now that I have a better computer and keyboard at work, it feels great! I don’t have to wait an age for programs to start, nor do i have to wait for programs to end in the background before I do anything else. I’ve deviated from my earlier stance of testing the Opera weekly alphas. The last one was a total resource hog and was a completely pain in the ass. I’ve gone back to the more stable betas for now. What this means is that am no more on the absolute cutting edge of browser technology for now but that’s a compromise i have to make for productivity’s sake, I guess.

One game that recently has me buzzing is Crayon. It’s one of those games that looks like it’s for kids to play but it is really addictive! I spent half the night yesterday playing it! Check it out for yourself. Am sure you’ll be hooked.

I don’t plan to go to my aunt’s place in Bombay Central this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting a professor from the Indian Institute of Science to know more about Bioinformatics. I’m researching a story on it and I’m getting conflicting reports regarding it from everywhere. I hope this meeting takes me somewhere and settles all my doubts. Then on Sunday, I’ll (hopefully) be meeting Trups in Pune. Can’t wait to do a good long and lazy ride to there.

Am doing another story on the entry of OLPC in India and its viability. I’ll be meeting the OLPC India Team soon and learn from them their plans and roadmap for India. Then I also plan to visit Khairat, the place where the first OLPC pilot took place here. That’s all that I’ve been up to so far!

Ciao later alligator 🙂

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