Trippy Thursday

Another day begins in the life of our hero as he valiantly continues his vigil to save the world from the slithery forces of evil.. Bah.. this is too much drama!!!

Nothing much happening in life at the moment.. Just finished writing a huge article yesterday.. It will be proof read today. While writing it, I was wondering that if I had written so much in my exams I would have been a doctor !! How boring!! :p

I got featured in this month’s Digit diary!! W00t !! See pic below

Have more articles to write so watch out for the May issue folks!

On the ‘traveling to work’ front, I can now commute the whole 50km without asking anyone for directions.. I can finally plug my mp3 player and ride the horrid roads in peace, knowing where most of the ‘potholes to avoid’ are! The mp3 player also takes care of the constant honking that one has to suffer while commuting the 50km daily! The pollution on the roads is scary. The other day I had worn my yellow t-shirt which was almost black by the time I reached the office! I shudder to think what will happen with a white t-shirt. I fear dying of lead poisoning due to all the smoke and pollution being deposited on my skin everyday and make it a point to SCRUB myself clean with soap everyday! U never know!!

Listening to: Pink – Aerosmith

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