Trivial Thoughts

Wow.. another week of inactivity.. at this rate my bloggin (mis)adventure is going down the drain very fast! Made some quick tweaks to the site design to improve readability.. I am beginning to hate small text on web sites.. its so hard to read.. esp when its on a white background. The comp screen is not like paper, its luminescent and therefore it hurts the eyes when the colors are bright, i think contrasts are so much more better. No wonder i like the black websites.

This month has been hectic.. wrote 10 articles for the Sep issue (yep, u read tht right..) and now am pooped! But the work routine is unforgiving and I have started to look for new story ideas for the Oct issue.. dang!

Personally life rocks! Just checked the prices for the N73me this morning and they are 15.4K (in Bombay), so I am planning to buy it this month.. definitely. I look back at the half year of procrastination (regarding the phone) with a wet hanky in my hand and I marvel at what lengths I can go to to save money.. for anytihng for that matter. Now that the phone is finally avail for 15k (the extra 400 is not a problem) I will finally buy it. Over the months I have accumulated so much software and so many apps for the phone and I know so much about it (OK OK, i accept i jumped over the storage card details.. i thought it was RS-MMC, my bad), tht all i need now is the damn phone!!! Heck, i even have the software the nokia repair shops use to unlock phones!! LOL.

Watched Transformers the other day.. it was fantastic. Showed to Hu and the others and they didn’t like it.. morons.. it just showed me tht tech and sci-fi movies are not appreciated by such dumbos. Worse of all they tell me stuff like, ‘why did u show me such a stupid movie?’, and ‘tht this is by far the worst animation by Spielberg’ and tht the animations effects were jarry.. i was like, ‘dude.. u arent even half as talented as the designers who made the animation for the movie.. and Spielberg.. lets not even go there..’ Its stupid when people talk to brag.. esp when they have no information on video codec technology or the animation industry, i was pissed about it for 2 whole days! But then again, i realised was spending far too many resources on something tht was as trivial as ‘not liking a movie’, its his opinion and he is entittled to it. So all the anger ended there.

Abi mamu is coming to town on sat and i cant contain my excitement! Its been 5 months since i met him and it’ll be such joy to meet him again! I can hardly wait. Things are finally looking up since Ku is also shifting to Bombay for good. Thank god he is here.. weekends will be so much more better..

Now for the big news, I am trying to come to bang next month.. either around the 16th or the 28th.. cant wait to be there.. So there.. will keep u posted on the travel itinerary!!

cya for now!


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