Tuesay thoughts

Finally finished the site design! I was wanting to change the design since ages.. it was too heavy earlier.. now it is much lighter and faster on the ‘load times’. I like the orange and blue dashes (they being my fav colours).

This week has been a week of learning. So much work done and so many RSS feeds read.. my mind still feels squishy! Got the reconstructor to work so it should build the distro ok. Phew! i think I’ll include this in my resume! LOL. Things are just a tad more relaxed now thankfully.. searching for ideas again for the July month..

On the personal front, things are getting better. Getting used to the new place and people around. Got new neighbours next door last week. I like their house! Mine looks hopeless in comparison but things are getting better. At least i don’t have to sleep on the floor anymore! The mattresses are swell! I might buy myself a comp next month for my upcoming birthday! *rubs hands with glee* I want something good.. the prime contender looks like Hu’s comp which he wants to load off for around 12k-15k. It all depends on how monies i get this month and how much i can send back home! All this means that the new mobile will have to wait.. indefinitely maybe, cuz i cant justify spending 15k in one month and then another 25k in the next month (yeah.. the one i have in mind wont come cheap). I’ll keep regretting it for the rest of my life.

Gotten used to eating vada-pav and samosa-pav in da morning.. i like it too to be honest! Lunch is getting better too.. i hav hit upon a smashing formula of rice and gravy! Total bliss.. dinner is still the sticky point. Cant seem to find any cheap place that suits my tastebuds. The hunt is still on though.

I’ve been in touch with quite a few guys from bang over the last few days. Most of em from the C Company. It feels good to know that you are still remembered and missed. 🙂 I miss u all too !!

Ad is coming back today.. so it wont be boring anymore in the night (no pun intended.. seriously). Sometimes i go out on these long rides in the nite cuz there is just nothing to do at all.. i like those moments.. lots of soul searching happens then!

Oh well.. gotta get back to searching story ideas! Adios amigos!

PS: I feel like having mango ice-cream right now 🙁 Kh put that idea in my head since last night and its still not out!!! Grrr…

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