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Hiya ppl.. today has started off on a very bright note.. I have a k750i and you can update the phone OS online, i do this everytime SE (Sony Ericsson) releases an update to the firmware (the phone os) but since the last few months i had not been able to update my phone.. Today, i was hell bent on finally updating my phone as there had been 2 revisions which i had not been able to update !! Woke up at 3am to try and update my phone.. was stuck on R1N035 firmware since ages and jus couldnt update after SEUS II was released by SE. Finally i decided to uninstall the SEUS version and download the latest one off the net.. yeah, all 35mb of it !! Installed it, then restarted the comp… after that, said a small prayer and started the update.. guess what !!! it worked this time !!! YAY

Am so glad to be on R1BC002 now… here is what the update did to my phone :

– Released on SEUS for the K750 on 9/3/06.
– Released on SEUS for the W800 on 18/3/06
– Free memory is now listed in MB instead of KB.
– Photos are now taken as soon as the shutter sound is heard.
– Slight increase in speaker and headphone volume.
– Slight increase in phone responsiveness.
– FIX: Background noise during lower volume calls (‘hissing bug’) now fixed.
– FIX: Picture zooming bug fixed. Pictures larger than 1632 pixels wide and/or 1224 pixels tall can now be zoomed into. (under dispute)
– FIX: All USB transfer issues now fixed.
– FIX: Increased stability in PhotoDJ and VideoDJ applcations.
– BUG: m4a tags are not read with this firmware.
– JBenchmark 3D LQ: 202
– JBenchmark 3D HQ: 126
– JBenchmark 2: 340
– JBenchmark 1: 3889
– Software versions:
Camera 4.5
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B



Will meetup wid Surya today.. its been sooo long.



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