Wow, its been a really long hiatus !! Things have been pretty monotonous over the past couple of days.. eagerly waiting for the bike now.. it should be here by tom 🙂 Planning to go on an entire Karnataka ride on it around mid June.. thts when the rains will be on in full flow and the countryside will look its best !!


Office has been grand, LOTS of new ideas taking shape finally and everything is taking a better turn.. Lots of people quitting though, find it really stupid though cause i would have imagined that when people are quitting, u stay put as the oppurtunites to grow are obviously better then… on hindsight, time has proved that not many people think like i do 😉


Nothing else to write about right now except that am waiting.. patiently.. nervously.. excitedly.. like when a child is told tht he’ll get a chocolate soon 🙂


Btw, latest snap !!


Hair is growing back.. look pretty shabby right now.. jus took it after waking up.. lol

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