Weekend postings

It’s been an absolutely hopeless weekend. Nothing that I planned has gone my way. All I am doing is sitting on my ass at home not doing anything at all… and it’s not a good feeling at all. Things have been going well otherwise. I wish I was not so lonely over here. I long for so much and I get so little.

I am not the type who can stay alone for long. I need to be around people. Though I am very curt and rude most of the time, I value company. Unfortunately, it’s not something I get so readily here in Bombay. It’s not a very kind place. That’s for sure.

I wanted to visit the BarCamp2 today, but I decided against it since I had plans for later in the evening. Unfortunately both these plans flopped. Called Ku and he was busy, working on a shoot. I think at this rate, the next week’s Amby Valley ride plan will come in good time. I am really dying to get away from all this. It’s hopeless.

Next week promises to be equally busy at work. It will be closing time and the pressure will be on everyone to deliver all articles on time. I am sure I won’t disappoint.

Apart from all the work, there is nothing else to write about. Might have more to say in the later days so will update you on it all later.


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