Welcome back!

Yess.. sorry for the long hiatus.. but am back now and all is well 🙂

Its been a rocky few days, i guess this is how mag closing will be henceforth. Work is going well, some of you asked why i keep saying that and havent i had any bad moments.. well i have but i like to learn from the bad parts and dwell on the happy ones.

Watched Mr Bean’s Holiday yesterday. Its a super movie! Wanted to watch TMNT instead but i guess i was the only ‘cartoon’ fan in the whole group. Nevertheless, Mr Bean’s Holiday was fun. Its a toal timepass movie, though at times the humor got predictable.

Another week now begins and this time i gotta start hunting for news i can write on for the june edition. Am told that the June edition will be the aniversary issue so we’ll have 46 pages more!! *sob* I guess there will be many late nights this month!

I am told its been raining in Bangalore since the last week. I havent stopped cursing since! Rain here damn it!!

Might go to Great Escape next sunday so the planning is on for that.

Running low on mobile currency.. got 25p left on the sim.. have another week to drag on with this as i dont wanna recharge again this month. Already spend 600 bucks on the phone. Have to keep a tab on these spiralling expenses.

Nothing else to write about.. Cya!

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