What is Conventional Wisdom?


Conventional wisdom is defined as something that is the universal truth and has been established as a known fact over the passage of time.

Independent research and studies over the last few years however are proving otherwise. When it comes to our dietary education it is becoming clearer that the “healthy” marketing messages we are fed daily by multinational food corporations are anything but healthy. Granny’s tales that we debunked are turning out to be true!

The problem however is that this ‘conventional wisdom’ is so deeply ingrained in us from the time we are born hat it becomes difficult to accept research that goes against these norms!

Take for example Wheat – we are always told that wheat and whole grains are good for our health. Research is showing that wheat contains gluten that stops the body from using its stored fat reserves. The toxins in the grain, which are used by the plant to protect the seed are also harmful to humans.

The other notion is that red meat is harmful to health. That couldn’t be further than the truth.

It is said that if you want to find information about something, the worst person to ask is its seller.

What are the other conventional stories that you have seen busted?

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