Wicked Weekend

Its been a long last few days for me and that explains why i havnt had
the opportunity to blog as often as i'd like to. I'm in the midst of
writing this really long article – 10k words to be precise.. And i
still have about 1.5k words to go, this even after pounding the
keyboard for 4 days straight. I havent been at my productive best but
what can i say… Its about a topic very close to my heart – Web
browsers! In the melee that i proudly call my 'research for the
article' i've used the most popular browsers and then some i knew
existed but havnt bothered to test out, like the Camino browser (you
gotta love this job). During this time i've used Flock after like a
year and seem to love its 'social' integration. Now i dont need to log
into facebook to see any new updates! They are delivered to me right
in my browser with a nice GUI displaying all the updates under your
friend's name also let me not get started on the mediastream feature!
While checking out this social integration, i've also re-discovered
twitter! Logged back into that wasting account of mine and started
micro-blogging again. Its like the facebook status message on
steroids! Just brilliant 🙂 I integrated my twitter update feed into
my blog, so u can now see what am doing at any given point of time of
the day… Sounds like big brother, doesnt it? Found quite a few
people i know from the blogosphere and am following (or subscribing to
their twitter updates RSS feed) all of them now. I must confess, I was
following this one person for sometime now… Her updates were witty
and quite 'like-minded' and since my twitter rebirth, i've subscribed
to her RSS feed too 🙂

In other news, i've become a pukka bori now.. I didnt shave off my
beard this weekend and i've decide to let it grow.. Lets give it
another week and see how bad i look. Tried it once in AOL and i got
quite a few compliments for it, lessie how it goes this time. This
being the month of moharram, i've begun to go to all the sabeels (a
place where water is given to the thirsty and after pra

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