Wild Weekend

I’ve been on FB for a while now and I’ve constantly wondered what the fuss is with all the applications. I see my 16 yr old cousin signed up to like 40 applications! (number used for representational purposes only! sheesh!). So the ‘wacky’ in me decided to sign up to all the possible applications out there to see what effect it would have on spam in my inbox and otherwise!

Yesterday, Diwali was good. I was at Marine Lines checking out all the fireworks and then went to Snowman’s for the customary weekly icecream (I can be such a foodie!). Going to watch Sawwariya today. Hope the movie is not as bad as the reviewers make it out to be. Got the bike fixed too.

Sitting at home alone now… gotta write half the article more… 700 words more to be precise! By the way, if you want to read my past articles in the magazine, all you have to do is go to Google and enter this string, with quotes included:

“Asfaq Tapia” site:www.thinkdigit.com

All the results you get with “Digit – Your Technology Navigator” are the articles 🙂

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