Windows Live Messenger

I used to like coming to work on fridays before.. it used to be a no work day.. these days i dread fridays. Its always about trying to meet deadlines and crunching time..


On the good side of things, i got my hands on the Windows Live Messenger Beta. Its an improvement over the earlier versions of MSN Messenger, though not that great that i’d go on the rooftop and sing praises in its favour. The reason why i say this is cuz microsoft (MS) seems to be lagging behind in the messenger war with yahoo right now. Technologies like messaging ppl who are offline or msging when u appear offline were not possible before this beta release. On the other hand, these features are available in stable versions of the Yahoo messenger already !! With this beta version, microsoft wants to tightly integrate the search function of its live website and leverage it to grant quick access to information that users want.. It will get more interesting once Live gets going !!


Am getting addicted to going out on trips !!! We are again planning to take another trip to the beaches of Mangalore this time.. We are planning to take it next weekend and if thats not possible then we will plan it in the 1st week of April.


Gotta get back to work now.. cya.

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