Wonderful Week

Wow… the last few days have definately been a blur. There has been so much happening that its hard to keep track. Was in Pune last Sunday to meet up wid Trupti. We walked a lot, ate a lot and generally had a good time. Since I rode till there, I wanted to return back and atleast cross the ghats in daylight and thats why I couldnt spend a lot of time with her. She has become so totally cool and ‘bhindaas’ types. Totally cool. You can find pics of the ride to Pune >here<.

The week has been totally hectic. So much to do and so much effort gone to waste. We were planning on giving the 2 DVDs for the Jan issue but that bummed due to high cost. What this means is that I wasted one saturday looking for software and culling so much data feels horrible, its like so much of a time and energy waste.

Have stayed back on all the nights this week trying to complete my articles on deadlines and making sure that they are good. Apart from the small bits and pieces, i have to do only another 1 big article more, which i shall complete today.

I also got the oppourtunity to visit the OLPC pilot project site in Khairat on Tuesday and it was wonderful. The effort that has gone into the whole project is mind blowing. If you havent heard of it yet, you should search OLPC in Wikipedia. Agreed the laptops arent as mind blowing as what you read on web sites, its still good to have some sort of technology in the hands of the under-priviliged. You can look up snaps of that trip >here<.

I am going to Pune this weekend too. Kiran is there and he called asking if we could meet up. So I’ll be staying over the weekend with him there. I hope its fun and all. THis time, I wont be riding as my bike is still making spluttering noises from the last trip. I guess its time for that bike maintainence service again.

Will post pics when am connected again on Monday. So chow for now people.

– me.

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