A college classmate of mine passed away today. I wasn’t very close to him, but he was a fairly decent acquaintance. He died of a heart attack. He was probably as old as I am. We are not even 30yrs old. I am shocked and very surprised.

I thought I had a lifetime to do things, I am not too sure anymore. I am reeling.

6 responses to “Death

  1. shru

    ashu i spoke to him on 18th dude , still have his wats app msg on my mob…cant believe he is not there with us.. we do 5 years plans dont knw if we are gonna be alive the next 5 sec.. Life is a bitch

  2. I know. Really terrible. I mean, we are not even old enough to die

  3. shru

    ya ashu n here i’m planning to stay till i see my daughter in laws.. crazy na

  4. Totally. Something had to put us in place. I guess the only thing to do is move ahead with purpose. Urgently :(

  5. shru

    Ya he must be our age only…Its still so hard to believe , when kilu called i was like are u sure are u sure.. it just didnot sink in , i was thinking heart attack’s happen to some one who is old.. he has a 3 years old daughter.. i just cant stop crying ya..

  6. This is terrible. Truly is.

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