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It’s been all of 2 days now since I have worked at this new place and boy, am I happy to be here. This place is a far cry from Digit, I won’t go into specifics or mud sling any side but I just want to say that I like what I am doing here. Apart from the work scene, things are looking up on the home front too. Returning back home is no more a drag. There is so much to do now. I can watch TV or surf the net or talk to Kunal… the possibilities are endless. Today is the day of getting the closet sorted? That means that I have to buy hangers first on the way back home. Yes, such is the life of a bachelor, I guess.

The new workplace is laptop-land with almost everyone having a laptop. Being used to the mouse, I hate using the track pad on the laptop and have resorted to using a USB mouse. I also have to get used to the various WiFi gateways and when to use where. On Windows, its easy enough but when using any alternative OS, it becomes a pain the wrong place.

Malad is like the motherland of malls. On my work to office today I counted at least 4 malls!! This also seems to be the place of the ‘Guru Krupa’ hotels… there were 5 of them that I saw on the way today and god knows how many of them there actually are!!

Everything else is going OK. I just need to get one more thing fixed now. The bike has to be parked inside the building cuz am not really comfy with leaving the bike outside. It also needs to be washed by someone… everyday.

Met Samir yesterday after a long time, and we were talking of all things Digit. No dope there because I wouldn’t want to talk of the stuff here on the blog. I have noticed that since I have got my twitter updates injected into the blog, I don’t seem to post so often anymore. My apologies. I really do need to get back into the routine. Once the house is sorted, I’ll get back to the regular posting. Promise.

Nothing else is new just yet.. Time to go I guess.. cya!


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Here I am, this is me.

Today is my last day in Bangalore and I’ll be off to Bombay in a few hours time (5pm to be exact). This trip has been quite a ‘coming of age’ experience for me. I realised that I didn’t want to meet the zillion-odd friends I had because most of them did not bother to keep in touch since I have moved to Bombay. I met only a handful of people with whom I’ve had quite a blast. THANK YOU (you know who you are).

When going on vacation, you want to do so many things! I wanted to blog every day; get in touch with all my PR contacts and inform them of my move to and stay at my uncle’s place or a few days – none of which I was able to do. Not that I feel bad about it but I wish I was more structured. The vacation in itself has been cut short by a week since I am terribly bored can’t foresee how I’ll spend the remainder of my days here. That is why I asked to join my new place a week early :p Though I have to now start work on the 26th of this month, there is still this teeny problem of moving my house from Navi Mumbai to Malad. How I will do the shifting only God knows and that is why I plan to leave today itself, so that I have a good 4 days to move all my stuff into the new place before starting work.

This month’s phone bill will be a whopper. I have used my phone on roaming like I own Airtel and I know I shall regret this for a long time to come!

Nothing else to write of, will continue with ‘life’ once I am back in Bombay. I will not be able to check my mail or blog till Monday because I won’t have Internet access till then.

So cya later!

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