Wonderful Week

Wow… the last few days have definately been a blur. There has been so much happening that its hard to keep track. Was in Pune last Sunday to meet up wid Trupti. We walked a lot, ate a lot and generally had a good time. Since I rode till there, I wanted to return back and atleast cross the ghats in daylight and thats why I couldnt spend a lot of time with her. She has become so totally cool and ‘bhindaas’ types. Totally cool. You can find pics of the ride to Pune >here<.

The week has been totally hectic. So much to do and so much effort gone to waste. We were planning on giving the 2 DVDs for the Jan issue but that bummed due to high cost. What this means is that I wasted one saturday looking for software and culling so much data feels horrible, its like so much of a time and energy waste.

Have stayed back on all the nights this week trying to complete my articles on deadlines and making sure that they are good. Apart from the small bits and pieces, i have to do only another 1 big article more, which i shall complete today.

I also got the oppourtunity to visit the OLPC pilot project site in Khairat on Tuesday and it was wonderful. The effort that has gone into the whole project is mind blowing. If you havent heard of it yet, you should search OLPC in Wikipedia. Agreed the laptops arent as mind blowing as what you read on web sites, its still good to have some sort of technology in the hands of the under-priviliged. You can look up snaps of that trip >here<.

I am going to Pune this weekend too. Kiran is there and he called asking if we could meet up. So I’ll be staying over the weekend with him there. I hope its fun and all. THis time, I wont be riding as my bike is still making spluttering noises from the last trip. I guess its time for that bike maintainence service again.

Will post pics when am connected again on Monday. So chow for now people.

– me.

j j j

Whacky Wednesday


There has been a long long lay-off to this blog. Sorry about that, I was EXTREMELY busy with work. So what is happening in my life you ask? Quite a lot actually. I have now managed to write better articles, they just seem to flow these days. The comp i got from Hu works for 2 days in a week so that keeps me mostly occupied. I also activated GPRS on the phone, so that I can connect to the net when the comp is working (sorry for the sarcasm). Apart from that nothing much.

On the personal front, there is quite a lot happening. When the net works at home, I am predominantly chatting with everyone and when it doesn’t (or even otherwise) I am talking to Kh on the phone and other friends who call occasionally. Life is no more as depressing as it seems, it is just much more tangled and “weird”.

I think Hu has gone through a radical change with regards to his attitude towards me. He no longer wants to be around me and no longer do we go out on those long rides and have those frank discussions that we used to have. I wonder what has ticked him into being that way! I will have a frank discussion with him this weekend.

I want to come to Bangalore. I know, I know, i have been saying this since the time I reached here! It’s been almost 4 months now and it seems like the heights of procrastination. I don’t see the home-coming happening this month, so I will have to push it for the next. Running low on finances because I am saving up for the phone. I want to buy the N73 and by the looks of it, the price isn’t going down as drastically as I had hoped. I want to be able to get it for 15,000 but I don’t see that happening anytime in the near future.

I need to start fixing the “dinner” thing. I still keep eating rubbish and I shudder to think what effects it will have on the body in the later part of my life. To counter-balance this, I have started gyming. At least some sort of physical activity done in the day! Not good to just keep pounding your fingers on the keyboard the whole day. I can now see the outlines of my muscles taking shape and it’s a very exhilarating feeling. I never really believed I had muscles before – not really the “live healthy” types. Apart from that I also need to start learning how to type without looking at the keyboard.

Its Pill’s birthday today and I wished him as soon as my PIM reminded me of it (sigh, my dependence on technology has reached new levels). I was glad to speak to him after so long and even more glad to notice that he was sober and woke up early in the morning. Quite a revelation for me. The poor chap is going through a tough phase right now and I would do anything to help him. Only if he let me…

Waiting for the Harry Potter book to release… I hope I get my hands on it soon… I can’t wait! Today I have been on a total downloading spree and have got my hands on most of the top songs out there and a few movies I’d like to watch at home. Lets pray that the Mr. Computer is in the good mood.

Nothing else, life keeps chugging along as usual…

j j j