Features in the Pro version of Twitter

There were reports last week that Twitter may be working on a subscription based Pro version for Twitter. This lead me to ask a question in the Twitter India room on FriendFeed on what improvements should Twitter incorporate to justify the Pro version. It was for the first time that I could see high levels of enthusiasm for a conversation on FriendFeed. I got some really intelligent and interesting replies which I am posting here:

I would like a Group feature first in Twitter Pro! – Sampad Swain

Unlimited API I think – KunalGautam

Maybe a Pay-For-Use model? – Aravind Jose 

I believe features introduced will be – groups (for everyone), ads (only for non-pro users), unlimited API, conversation threads (similar to Quotably) and tagging (not the one with hashtags ) – Veetrag

I think the tweets ad option is a FAIL. That was resoundingly proven by the backlash against Magpie. What we need is maybe a system that will allow advertisers to pitch to you with offers ONLY when you are looking for something. Something like Contextual Advertising, maybe? – Asfaq

Auto-Refresh is something that needs to be implemented even in the most basic form. – Aravind Jose

Webstats, I beg! – Jordi Soler

It is also very interesting to see that conversations are getting more and more scattered over the internet. Case in point being my earlier post on the Social Media Echo Chamber getting more comments on FaceBook than on this blog. These are indeed very interesting times and the one thing we are all starting to realise is the ‘one stop destination’ does not exist anymore 🙂


  1. I think the one thing Twitter Pro should offer is live updates. Tweets coming in as they are being updated. Something like the Elections feed that was, but this time using the API for twitter clients as well.

    Dont know how feasible it would be to support this kind of infrastructure though.

    Good list btw.

  2. I think IF there comes a pro version, it will have those features we've already seen or features which are restricted. –> 1.) IM-Twitter 2.) Tracking of Keywords 3.) Unlimited SMS(!) (or Increased SMS count)? 4.) Unlimited API requests (already mentioned) 5.) Notification of follows-'unfollows'.

    Personally I think asking money for pro version for a Social Networking Site is plain foolishness. Instead they should advertise for money making!

  3. people will pay for twitter-pro ONLY if becomes a status symbol. There is no ‘need’ for twitter-pro as such!

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