Jobless, who me?

Times they are a changing. This must be the first Monday – ever – where I must have been sooo productive, especially considering that I don’t have a lot of work to do. Looking for story ideas for the March issue and so far so good. I have quite a few ideas lined up. I’ve also started downloading content for the DVDs. Need to contact the K2 guys for the game locations. Nothing much to do apart from that.
Looks like I shall finally update the “About the Genius” section in the footer today. Want to do that for some time now. Nothing else to do and therefore I have started scrobbling tracks to my profile. Searching for a way in which that info can be pushed to my blog. That would be an interesting thing to do.

Yesterday was apparently the coldest day ever in Bombay with a record dip in temperatures to 10 degrees Celsius! Here are some top 10 tips from a Bangalorian to keep the chill out of your bones when riding a bike:

1. Chuck those sweaters, they are absolutely useless. Use plastic type windcheaters/windbreakers instead. Ensure that they have elastic cuffs at the ends of the sleeves so that the cold doesn’t go through when riding.

2. If you don’t have a beanie/monkey cap, wear headphones in your ears, its better if there is some music on in them 😉

3. Breathe through mouth when riding else your helmet visor will get foggy very often. That doesn’t impress the chicks either… trust me.

4. Wear socks. The type that reach till the top of your shins and stay there!

5. Wear shoes. Not all the protective clothing in the world will help you if you ride with slippers on!

6. DO NOT drink any hot beverage before going out to ride; this will just make you want to pee faster. The diuretic drinks like tea will only expedite the process.

7. Go the first 5 Km slower than usual. Acclimatise stupid!

8. If you have a helmet mask, this is the time to wear it. You dont want to end up with a frozen nose and warm ears at the end of your journey.

9. Don’t go out on an empty stomach, you will just feel colder.

10. Nothing here… it’s just cool to have a list of top 10 tips :p

That’s all for today folks!

Listening to Behind Blue Eyes – The Who.

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