Sporting Sunday and Documentation

It was an absolutely sporting weekend on sunday where we had 2 cricket matches and one F1 race !!! The morning started off pretty stupid with rain delay etc in the India – England Test match..


Then came the time to watch the F1 race…  was really interested in watching the first race of the season cuz quite a fw teams have changed, drivers have swapped teams and cars have new paint on them . The best part of the race for me was when the Renault team manager radioed to Alonso sayin that "these are the winning laps" when Schumi was in the pits !!! Also the overtaking maneuver by Schumi over Alonso was another super moment in the race… While all this was going on Kimi Raikkonen was quietly building up his position from last place to third !!! That was a gud 1st race of the year.. showed that Honda, Merc and Ferrari will all be collaborating to spoil Renault’s party.. this should be fun.


By the time the race has ended, the 1st half of the Aussie – SA finals was also done… Oz had posted 434, the highest ever by any team in intl. cricket but the Proteas were up to the challenge and raise the bar of cricket forever by posting 438. Fantastic job. Amazing match !!!


After so much of excitement, you jus have to feel peppy on monday !! So this is how i found myself on the 1st day of week.. but unfortunately, they ask me to do ‘process documentation’ !!! For those of you uninitiated to the world of ‘process documentation’, let me tell you that it’s one of the most boring and frustrating things one can ever do. Let me give you an example : They make you pick up a pin from the floor, then they ask you to document that act.. This is when the wackiness starts.. You have to note the kind of floor the pin was lying on, the size of the pin, the material it was made of, your name, how tall are you, with which hand did you try to pick up the pin, how much did u bend… u get the picture.. dont you? oh and guess what, i get a few days to do this !!!


Today, unfortunately has not been soo exciting. I’ve been thinking of how to do the documentation when i’m awake and dreaming about it when am asleep.. Pretty boring i must say except that i designed a new signature image for my office mail id.. that was fun. Lets see how things progress in the week..


Oh, btw, am downloading Office 2007 beta. Will post here abt it soon, once i start using it

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